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Mohawk Energy Tubing Re-form 7th January 2019

As the previous year rapidly drew to a close and 2019 has begun, we reflect on another successful year and look at how the technologies we represent make a tangible difference to our client’s operations.

A client with operations in PNG had collapsed tubing just below the wellhead which prevented the completion from being pulled while working the well over. Due to the location of the collapse, the traditional solution of milling presented several issues to the client including cuttings control, cuttings removal, and well control.

R&D Solutions was contacted, the problem scenario explained, and the question asked: do you have something which could assist? R&D Solutions reviewed the issues and found that deploying the Mohawk Reform Tool would avoid the costly milling operation and provide access to the well below while allowing for well control options while the tool was across the BOP stack.

How it works:
Applied pressure activates the upper anchor and strokes a piston down pushing the cone through the restriction.

On reaching full stroke of the tool, the pressure is bled off and the tool re-set and the operation repeated as necessary to complete ReForming of previously unidentified tight spots.

Technician comments:
Eric Hankins Mohawk Tool specialist reported. “We picked up the Mohawk reform tool fitted with a 3.250” cone and then ran to the top of restriction at 10M. The tool stroked with 2,500 psi swedging the casing to 3.250”. The casing at this point appeared to be open, and a slickline drift run was conducted, but a restriction further down the casing was identified.
The reform tool was picked up to run in again but this time with a 4.750” cone, the tool then tagged the area of the previous restriction due to the larger cone. The tool was stroked at a pressure of 2,500 psi and once the new ReForming was achieved pulled to surface and the ReForming changed back to 3.250”.
The lower problem area was then engaged with the 3.250” cone and ReForming tool and the equipment retrieved. The tool was worked in and out the casing to ensure there were no other tight areas”.

All tight spots were reformed, the casing was able to be pulled for workover, and the job saved days of milling.

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