Ulterra Inertia Drilling Enhancement Tools

Friction Reduction Tool dramatically improves drilling efficiency 

The INERTIA tool generates lateral vibration into the drill string to reduce friction. Its ability to add friction-reducing vibration into a drill string can enhance weight transfer to the bit, alleviate torque and drag effects in the string and aid in drilling efficiency. 

The INERTIA tool requires a much lower pressure to operate, up to ten times lower pressure drop than competitive tools. Thanks to INERTIA, running multiple vibration tools at problem areas throughout your drill string is possible. Its unique design generates energy without restricting pressure pulses, eliminating concerns with MWD frequency interference. In addition, its robust all-metal construction will provide industry leading operating life. 

In todays’ extended reach highly deviated drilling applications, the complexity of the well path and increased drill string friction often impede a driller’s ability to drill efficiently. The inability to slide, drill fast and achieve targets cost time and money. The fully compatible INERTIA Tool stimulates the drill string, sustaining and extending drilling efficiency. 

> Reduced friction between drill string and well bore 
> Improved weight transfer to bit 
> Reduced reactive torque and improved tool face control 
> Faster ROP
> Enhance slide drilling performance 
> Lower pressure requirements 
> No mud pulse interference 
> Extended tool life

How Inertia Works... 

> The power section is turbine driven 
> The power section turns a lopsided weight 
> This weight creates lateral vibrations, much like an unbalanced car wheel or load of laundry on the spin cycle 
> These vibrations work on the drill string above and below the tool

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Ulterra Inertia Drilling Enhancement Tools