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Gator Perforator System – Case Study Australia


On Saturday the 10th to the 11th of August 2018, Lee Energy Systems in conjunction with their representatives R&D Solutions who are based in Perth Western Australia, successfully ran the first casing cut operations in Australia for Cooper Energy on Sole-2, an offshore Abandonment near Victoria Australia using the ‘Gator Tool’ in 9 5/8” casing.

Technology Summary

The Gator Perforator is a hydro-mechanical casing cutter that uses hydraulic force to mechanically punch large holes in casing producing high flow rates at a low pressure drop. The tool can be activated multiple times in one run and has the ability to perform in conjunction with other tools allowing versatility in many applications for abandonments, completions and work-overs.




Using Lee Energy Systems Gator Tools, Cooper Energy were able to efficiently and safely perforate their casing, pump cement, isolate the annulus and reservoir, get close to the hanger and pull out of hole without breaching well integrity.


Pulling together leading-edge technology and local resources with Cooper Energy, Lee Energy and R&D Solutions working as a team ensured the equipment and services performed as intended.


The Gator Tool was deployed to conduct casing cuts at depths of 635 meters and at 156 meters, 5 meters below the wellhead housing in the 9 5/8” casing while not breaching the 13 3/8” surface casing. The system was deployed in preference to conventional explosive perforation tools on cable as Gator Tool allows to perforate casing multiple times without tripping out of hole and easily manage any pressure in the annulus.

Running the Gator Perforator with a mechanical set packer in the 9-5/8” production casing, tubing test valve, collar locator and unloader sub Cooper Energy were able to ensure accurate perforation depths as well as isolation to their lower perforation, wash and clean (PWC) the zone and perform one activations of the Gator creating a perforations at 635 Meters. The tool string was then moved to 5 meters below the subsea wellhead for one activation of the Gator resulting in 4 perforations.

Cleanup of the 9 5/8” x 13 3/8” was then completed by setting the packer on the Gator tool. Following this, the 9 5/8” x 13 3/8” annulus and 9 5/8” casing was cemented to establish a verified combination barrier.