Profile Sliding Sleeve The X profile sliding Sleeve is a down to open device and it is deployed as part of the production tubing which allows communication between the tubing and the casing. The device has replaceable upper and lower seals which are easy and inexpensive to replace. The seals can be made of various elastomeric or nonelastomeric materials. The upper sub has a selective. Landing Nipple profile machined into it to serve as a receptacle for other flow control devices such as blanking plugs and separation tools. The sub has a polished bore. The XO Sliding Sleeve can be installed at any point in the tubing string. More than one can be installed without any loss of function. The XO Sliding Sleeve can be selectively opened and closed no matter what their relative positions are. An industry standard. Shifting Tool is used to shift the Sliding Sleeve open or closed. The sleeve is designed so that normal wireline operations will not open or close the inner sleeve inadvertently. Upward jarring closes the inner sleeve and downward jarring opens it.


  • > Displacing kill or completion fluid
  • > Allowing multiple zones to produce up one tubing string
  • > Selective testing of individual zones
  • > Selective stimulation of individual zones
  • > Circulating to kill the well
  • > Gas lifting the well
  • > Circulating inhibitors or methane
  • > Landing a blanking plug in the profile in the upper sub to shut in the well, test tubing or test the Sliding Sleeve itself

Ordering Information:
Please specify seal bore size, type of thread, tubing size, weight and grade, working pressure and temperature as well as percentage % of H2s and Co2

Profile Sliding Sleeve

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