Matrix Low Friction Casing Centralisers

Low-Friction Advanced Polymer Centralizers

> Low and Ultra Low Friction Factors ‐ enables the installation of casing, screen and completion equipment in highly deviated and horizontal extended‐reach wellbores.

> Low wear and material loss ‐ advanced polymer material formulations resulting in low friction factors consequently result in low wear properties

> Zero corrosion ‐ 100% metal free construction ‐ completely removes the risk of contamination to carbon or expensive corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) tubulars and completion equipment

> Reduce total well construction costs ‐ eliminate the need for high torque casing connections and reduce or remove requirement for expensive synthetic and oil based downhole fluids.

> High Impact and Ultra High Impact resistance ‐ capable of withstanding harsh open‐hole casing and tubular running operations

> Light weight ‐ safer to handle and install than steel or alloy centralisers.

> Reduced freight and transport costs.

> Specific Outside Diameters can be accommodated ‐ composite material can be machined down to meet unusual or specialized downhole applications.

Low-Friction Advanced Polymer Centralizers


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