WWT Western Well Tools

WESTERN WELL TOOL (WWT) Non-Rotating Protectors (NRP) reduce rotary torque and drag, and provide casing and riser protection during directional, extended reach, sidetracking, and deep-water drilling operations. WWT’s years of experience enable us to create accurate placement recommendations and provide reliable services. A complete, confidential well analysis is performed before each installation to ensure that optimal performance is achieved based on each well’s unique design and drilling conditions. This analysis is performed free of charge and without obligation.


  • > Reduce torque up to 50%
  • > Reduce drag +/-25% (Model SS)
  • > Limit casing wear by maintaining tool joint stand-off
  • > Protect riser, production riser and LMRP in adverse offshore conditions
  • > Reduce buckling
  • > Prevent heat checking
  • > Reduce vibration at surface
  • > Operate without the need for expensive mud additives
  • > Proactively reduce downtime expense related to equipment stress


The NRP assembly consists of an aluminum stop collar above and below a reinforced polyurethane sleeve that has an OD greater than the tool joint. The assembly is installed directly above the tool joint and creates a friction-reducing standoff between the tool joint and casing/riser. The NRP sleeve’s patented design creates an effective fluid bearing within its ID. The combination of the tool joint standoff, fluid bearing and WWT placement analysis significantly reduces rotary torque, drag and casing/riser wear.

WWT Western Well Tools

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