Sustainability-focused practices, principles and projects have been central to R&D Solutions’ operations virtually since we were founded in 2009.

It is now more than a decade since we first deployed our tools and services to support geothermal developments and other projects within the renewables sector, and we continue to do so today.

  • We sourced and deployed a suite of packers and completions tools – rated to 300°C and 15,000psi   – to help pump super-heated water to surface power turbines and produce electricity. Our support helped to prove the concept involved.

  • We assisted a major geothermal company in New Zealand in the drilling of new wells by providing drill pipe protectors, bow springs and other technologies.

  • We provided bespoke non-spark centralisers for wind turbines, drill pipe protectors, drill bits for water wells (to replenish aquifers) and other technologies to support companies directly involved with environmental restoration or sustainable energy production.

  • We helped a start-up company with a unique renewable energy-powered microgrid system to successfully demonstrate its potential front-line capabilities in deployments such as emergency aid to civil populations and disaster relief programmes.

But our track record of supporting renewables projects is only part of our sustainability agenda.

We have embraced sustainable energy technology within our operations. 

  • We installed solar panels at our facilities at Welshpool to power our operations and added long-life low-power lighting to ensure minimal grid impact with no compromise on safety or security. We also established a full recycling segregation system and sought expert third-party guidance on minimising water run-off and planting programmes around the centre.

  • We installed 100 solar panels at our Canning Vale service centre, added low-power lighting and completed a full electrical re-wiring. With the introduction of the latest generation torque turn machine at the facility, it meant we possessed the most advanced technology – powered by nature. We also added a 15,000psi 18m pressure test bay, with the power and hydraulics drawing on the solar array and the water used for testing plumbed into recycle tanks to keep wastage to a minimum. Externally, local water-wise flora was planted to reduce watering demands. And – following the Welshpool model – all waste is now segregated for recycling.

You can read more about our storage and maintenance facilities here

We have focused closely on environmental protection in the application of our products to help protect wildlife and sites of natural importance.

Environmental Protection

  • We used high-pressure water cutter technology in a wellhead removal campaign on a remote island off the North West coast of Western Australia. Its use helped to expedite campaign execution and thus avoid any impact on the flatback turtle nesting season – a major natural event at the location – while facilitating vital research work. Find out more about this environmental success story with partner Water Cut

water cut

  • Our collaboration on a well profiling project involved the use of partner WELLSense’s Fibreline Intervention (FLI) system – the equipment on location was supported by a mobile renewable energy solar-fed microgrid system to deliver emission-free power. There’s more on the project here

  • We use organic materials, including non-toxic abandonment media such as quartz-based solutions for sealing wellbores, to help deliver environmentally friendly plug & abandonment programmes. Specifically, we have worked with overseas partners in the deployment of QuartzPack®, a Bingham-plastic material which acts as both a liquid and solid material. External mechanical, hydraulic and/or tectonic forces reshape the well barrier to fit the new well geometrics and maintain its sealing properties. The material was successfully deployed into a well on a Class A nature reserve for a major blue-chip company.

Our extensive network of partnerships means we have access to a wide range of sustainability-focused solutions.