Pressure Testing

The R&D Solutions Pressure Test Unit is a multi-pump system developed by AWG Subsea. The pressure test system features 3 pumps, a low pressure, medium pressure and high-pressure pump designed for fast fill top and bottom up to 15,000 PSI.

The unit also features a Pressure Test Bay with hydraulic lids and designed for test pieces up to 18 metres. Designed and built by Baden Engineering it is certified to an unplanned release of pressure up to 15,000 PSI with the PTB having in-built safety systems. Real-time pressure test data is displayed on a large monitor and cameras within the Pressure Test Bay are viewable by 3rd parties outside the restricted zone. Pressure tests are also able to be streamed to the Canning Vale Service Centre boardroom.

Using an ESI Transducer and ESI’s Flagship Pressure Testing Software, R&D Solutions produces detailed Pressure Testing Reports featuring second-by-second data and detailed graphics in line with client requirements.

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