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Hiber launches Satellite-Enabled Well-Monitoring Technology in Australia

HiberHilo optimises production, reduces downtime, and improves the safety and sustainability of remote oil and gas wells.

Hiber, the satellite-enabled IoT scale-up, is rolling out its HiberHilo remote monitoring technology in Australia to help oil and gas producers monitor their remote wells and pipelines via satellite connectivity. The technology unlocks significant improvement in the production, downtime reduction, safety, and sustainability of oil and gas wells.

To kick off the Australian market introduction, Hiber has signed a partner agreement with R&D Solutions to help expand in the region.

With remote oil and gas wells notoriously difficult to monitor and most wells encountering integrity issues or production issues at some point in their life, HiberHilo makes monitoring wells in the least-connected parts of the world safer, cheaper, and easier.

What sets HiIberHilo apart from traditional well monitoring solutions is that the technology is easier to install, more affordable, and works even in the most remote environments. In a world where most technologies are complex and expensive, HiberHilo makes the digitization of well monitoring possible for even the lowest-producing wells.

HiberHilo connects sensors on wellheads via a wireless, solar-powered gateway to satellites, and then on to an API or secure online dashboard. Multiple wellheads with sensors can be connected to the same gateway within a five-mile radius. The sensors relay readings regularly to give a 24/7 view of the status of any well, so issues such as production downtime or leaks are immediately identified and quickly rectified.

The technology has a wide range of applications and use cases for remote locations worldwide. Common use cases for Australia are P&A and decommissioning projects to design better plug and abandonment strategies. Have a look at Shell’s use case here.

HiberHilo already serves several of the top 10 oil and gas majors around the world.

Example of setup onshore.

About Hiber

We help the energy industry with easy to buy, easy to install & easy to use remote IoT solutions that provide actionable insights.

No matter how remote. From the middle of the mountains. To the middle of the desert. We’re developing end-to-end IoT solutions that make off-grid asset monitoring simple and affordable.

IoT technology already has a big impact on business and society in urban and most rural areas.

The remote world, however, has the same - if not bigger - challenges, when it comes to efficiency and environmental management. Hiber is passionate about solving these challenges, because we believe remote IoT solutions can make a big difference in the journey towards a cleaner and better environment.

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