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KCI FAQs 21st December 2018

Service Line – Wellhead Seal Isolations Product Name - MS-Sealant Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does MS-Sealant last for?

  • The base material of MS-Sealant has a 25 year life span.

2. How long will an MS-Sealant isolation last?

  • If undisturbed, MS-Sealant will stay within the Valve Cavity indefinitely. Some KCI Isolations have been in place for 10+ Years.

3. Is MS-Sealant available in different viscosities?

  • Yes. KCI can supply MS-Sealant in a variety of viscosities to suit the leak path shape and size. It ranges from a thin honey type thickness to a thick paste. All of these viscosities can be injected using our unique Deployment Tool System.

4. Does MS-Sealant require High Pressures to inject into a leak path?

  • MS-Sealant does not need high pressures to deploy as it’s a Time Activated sealant so it does not stress the Wellhead components.
  • If there is a Port in & Port out feature on a Void the pressures can be very low +/- 100psi.
  • If there is a large leak in the wellhead, MS-Sealant can be deployed in low pressure stages to build up an isolation.
  • MS-Sealant can be injected into a Wellhead at up to 5000psi.
  • MS-Sealant bonds to its-self if deploying more than once creating a single mass of sealant and does not layer up leaving leak paths.

5. What is the curing time Of MS-Sealant?

  • Once the Compound & Activator is mixed we have +/- 90 minutes to deploy the sealant into the leaking area before it becomes un-pumpable.
  • The standard curing time for MS-Sealant is 4 to 6 hours dependent on Ambient & Wellhead temperature.

6. Is MS-Sealant available in different volumes?

  • Yes. KCI can supply MS-Sealant in various Volumes & Pack sizes. Volumes from 500ml to 2 Litre Packs.

7. What is the pressure rating of MS-Sealant?

  • There is not a standard answer as every leak path and piece of equipment is different so this is taken into consideration during the upfront Engineering phase.
  • KCI will select the correct viscosity & volume of sealant to suit each application.
  • MS-Sealant has been successfully tested up to 10,000psi after deployment & cure.

8. Does MS-Sealant block Injection Fittings, Ports?

  • MS-Sealant can block some types of Injection Fittings after curing but we can inject a High Viscosity Grease after the sealant to clear the fitting so Leak Off testing can take place.
  • An Injection fitting which is full of sealant can be changed out after the isolation has been proven for future Leak-Off testing.

9. What temperatures can MS-Sealant withstand?

  • MS-Sealant has a temperature rating of -54°C to +204°C. Up to 250°C for short periods.

10. How is MS-Sealant deployed into Wellhead areas?

  • MS-Sealant is deployed with a standard KCI 5k Deployment Tool & Equipment via standard Injection, Test or Monitoring Ports fitted to the Wellhead or Tree Bonnet.

11. How long can MS-Sealant Compound & Activator be kept in storage?

  • KCI give each fresh batch a shelf life of 18 months. After this time it can be QA/QC checked and dependent on its condition an additional time frame can be added.