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Matrix 250,000 Landmark

Matrix Matrix

Matrix Composites and Engineering recently announced that overall sales of its centraliser product had reached a key milestone with unit sales reaching 250,000.

R&D Solutions has represented the Matrix centraliser product line since 2010 when they deployed their first sales to an operator in Malaysia at the time who placed an order for 200. Suffice to say, those performed better than expected with excellent friction factors reported and the horizontal string being successfully deployed.

Matrix Jason Kent of Matrix and based in the United States said recently;
“We are very proud of the journey our low friction Max-R product range has taken since our first sales in 2010. Our ability to grow and meet the needs of the market together with the dedication and support of our global network of business partners and agents has been instrumental in Matrix achieving this significant milestone. We have seen a significant uptake in the Max-R product range this year and look forward to reaching 500,000 in the not too distant future.”
The picture taken in 2010 shows the first 200 centralisers boxed for shipping ready to go with (left to right) Doug Gillespie, Aaron Begley Matrix CEO and Russell Furner stood in front of the crates.

Locally in Australia and Asia Pacific, R&D Solutions have provided Matrix centraliser to operators with great results including at the time the world record for highest step out ratio where friction factors and lubricity have been vital to ensure sand control screens got to depth.


R&D Solutions is proud to have played its part in this significant achievement acting as an operation’s intermediary to ensure the correct data was gathered, materials selected, and centraliser types delivered. In turn, Matrix has valued this feedback and with their in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities continue to meet the challenging criteria set by a globally evolving industry.
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