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R&D Solutions’ product supply partner: a KCI success story



There have been numerous success stories recently among R&D Solutions’ product supply partners – and the field-proven deployment of an industry-leading solution by UK-based KCI is a case in point.

Its Isolation Gel – Fluid Piston (IG-FP) technology addresses leaks in hydraulic control lines and downhole safety valves (DHSVs) in oil and gas wells, and is a fit-for-purpose remedy for downhole issues encountered in production operations across the regions where we operate.

The sealant has been developed as a cost-effective response to technical challenges which can significantly impact production.

Specifically, it reduces avoidable system pressure loss by isolating leaks while maintaining the functionality of the DHSV – allowing production to continue safely and efficiently.

And unlike other sealants used for this purpose, IG-FP isn’t a pressure-activated product.

Leaks: posing problems for production

Hydraulic leaks can stem from various sources, and if they contribute to a loss of pressure which causes the DHSV to close then production problems ensue.

If wells have to be shut-in as a consequence of leaks, operators can encounter expensive downtime periods, loss of production, limited access for well intervention activities and limited reservoir modelling/pressure build-ups.

The solution: KCI’S IG-FP

If leaks can be kept isolated, pressure loss is reduced and the DHSV can be kept open –facilitating maintenance work while production continues and downtime, with its associated costs, is reduced.
As a non-curing, pre-activated sealant gel, IG-FP quickly plugs leaks to re-establish pressure-retaining control systems. In turn, hydraulic control line integrity is reinstated.

In addition to IG-FP, KCI has developed a wider range of isolation gel products which can be used in downhole and subsea applications.

‘We have multiple product supply partners around the world and, in every case, we share a constant focus on achieving exceptional results for our customers. KCI’s IG-FP solution is a perfect example of how we’re committed to offering high-performance, problem-solving solutions to the market.’

Doug Gillespie

Director/Managing Partner, R&D Solutions