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R&D Solutions, working with partner Coretrax,has conducted work for anenergy companyoperating off the Northwest coast of Western Australia. The company, having conducted logging operations, identified annulus communication in two wells in their 9-5/8” casing which required remediation. Attempts to fix the issue using pumped sealant had been unsuccessful, so a mechanical solutionproviding maximum seal bore was needed. Having successfully deployed similar systems in another field owned by the same operator, R&D Solutions and Coretrax were approached to discuss options to re-establish casing integrity during a planned workover.


After reviewing well conditions and having conducted face-to-face meetings to evaluate options, the technology selected was Coretrax Reline MNSsystem. This cased hole patch system offered a single trip solution with no shoe drill out and maximised ID. Prior to expansion, the run-in hole OD is 7.625” which upon expanding sets and seals in the existing 9-5/8” 47# casing. In addition, the Reline MNS provided high burst and collapse ratings and gas tight seals. Further, running the Reline MNS afforded the customer an ability to run and set completion equipment they had preselected. The benefits included no requirement to drop balls or darts, expansion ratio with a high safety margin, and no follow-up trip to drill a shoe.


The team from the States was mobilised and married up with the equipment in Perth, Western Australia. Local inspections and make up were conducted, with the customer focal point too ensuring that they were happy with preparation prior to mobilisation. Operations offshore then commenced with the first well requiring two patches to be deployed before the final well had a single longer patch installed. Both wells had the patches pressure tested and it was confirmed that they were holding solid. This outcome in turn allowed for completions to be installed.

The installation of these patches has brought the total of Coretrax Reline patches run for this operator to 7. A total of 8 has been deployed across Australia with further operations pending.

Thanks to Thomas Cain and Chris Rose for outstanding dedication and teamwork throughout the operation.