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Viking Partnership Packs a Punch

Viking Partnership Packs a Punch

The Vikings might once have had a reputation as seafaring marauders, but today some of their namesakes are making waves in other ways.

Viking Completion Technology, for example, has an established reputation for the provision of quality equipment to the energy sector.

That’s certainly been demonstrated recently with the delivery of Viking’s V0 Tested API monogrammed packers for a major operator in Australia.

With a working relationship extending back 12 years, we partner with Viking to provide performance-driven technology specific to the application and always ready to run. This latest collaboration comes in the wake of providing many other bespoke solutions – including cut-to-release packers, ESP packers and sealable overshots.

As with all great outcomes, communication and collaboration are key and this was yet another example of good teamwork.

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More Achievements of Scale

Sizing up the job… This photo of our vehicle and trailer, positioned next to a mining truck and awaiting clearance to move onto site to deploy Lee Energy Systems’ Gator tools, gives a sense of the scale of our operational environment at times.

The tools were selected for pyrotechnic-free abandonment, depth of penetration, ease of deployment and cut length – all vital to ensure good cement placement and annulus isolation.

Meanwhile… another week, and the Queensland team was getting its teeth into more abandonments. Here you can see rigs and coiled tubing spreads where Lee Energy Systems’ Gator tools have been successfully deployed.

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Multiple Gains of Protector Solutions

Torque reduction, wear prevention on casing and risers, drill pipe damage prevention, heat checking and overcoming buckling: all part-and-parcel of Western Well Tool’s (WWT) offering when running non-rotating drill pipe protectors (NRDPs).

Capitalising on these various capabilities does of course require prior planning – and thanks to detailed well analysis from the WWT team to identify adverse wellbore conditions, an accurate placement recommendation is provided.

WWT has provided services to operators around the world for over 30 years, offering solutions that overcome many of the challenging conditions encountered during drilling operations.

Its Non-Rotating Protectors™ (NRPs) are the world’s most widely used mechanical drill string torque and friction reducer, applicable in various well types to optimise energy delivery to bit.

R&D Solutions is proud to have been part of WWT’s story over the past decade and looks forward to more runs in Australia soon.

We’re pleased to share these pictures of tools made up and pipe racked ready to run – kindly provided to our team member Phil Delaney when recently on site running NRDPs.

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R&D Solutions Maintains the Operational Tempo

Before… subsea equipment components before they were made up for work carried out on behalf of a major operator conducting plug & abandonment (P&A) activities in Bass Strait.

After… the assembly complete. This was an intricate build with no room for error, and the team took great pride in successful delivery.

R&D Solutions offers full life-of-well technology to meet industry challenges. For further details on our capabilities in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea call us on +61 8 9486 9350

Customer Praise for Make-Up Scope

A recent equipment make-up project on behalf of a major operator presented various complexities – and our successful response to those earned highly positive feedback from the customer.

The challenging assembly make-up was complicated due to the grip area that meant reconfiguring our machinery to suit conditions, whilst the team also completed the make-up of a 7” safety valve assembly.

Given the replacement costs involved there was a need for ‘right first time’ delivery, and there was evident satisfaction among customer representatives at how the scope was handled.

Indeed it resulted in a perfect score in the customer feedback we received – well done to all the team at our Canning Vale facility for professional support.

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Strengthening the Team at R&D Solutions

We’ve been delighted to welcome a couple of new additions to the R&D Solutions team in recent times…

Dean Burnett

Chinchilla Service Centre Co-Ordinator

What’s your work background?

My first job in Chinchilla was at the Upstream Operations Supply Base, which is an oil and gas supply chain warehouse, sub-contracted to Shell QGC. It was my first exposure to the oil and gas industry after over 10 years as a postie.

How do you think you can contribute in your new role?

Bringing what I've learned about warehousing, logistics and supply chain management, I hope I can free up the subject matter experts within R&D Solutions, with field knowledge and experience, to better attend to the technical field aspects of our operations.

What have you most enjoyed about the job so far?

The people and the work culture. Combine that with the shorter working hours compared to my last role and I get to see my family more, AND I'm beginning to feel like a local. I'm excited to be working for a company that’s technically small but holds a presence on an international scale – all whilst working in an industry that I’m keen to be a part of. I look forward to seeing the difference I can make, the skills I can learn and the opportunities that may come my way in my new role.

And away from work?

I’ve lived in Chinchilla for four and a half years with my wife and four children. I love to spend my time with my family doing anything outdoors or hands-on.

Fabio Da Silva

Delivery Manager

What’s your work background?

With over 16 years’ oil and gas service company industry experience with IOT Energy Services, I’ve held positions such as Downhole Rental Tools Manager and Business Development Manager over the last decade. I’ve gained extensive knowledge in the downhole rental tools product line, whilst also gaining experience and knowledge in the tubular running, torque turn and pressure testing product lines.

How do you think you can contribute in your new role?

Utilising my experience, skills and competencies to further support our team whilst providing clients with on-time delivery and maintaining high quality standards. I’ll achieve this from my proven expertise in project management, delivering value-added business solutions and operational improvements to R&D Solutions and their valued clients.

What have you most enjoyed about the job so far?

The team – R&D Solutions has a highly experienced team with a can-do attitude. It is team orientated and is driven to provide solutions to clients.

And away from work?

Spending time with my family is important to me. I also like most sports, but I support the AFL and the Fremantle Dockers.