Ulterra TorkBuster Anti Stick-Slip Tools

  • > Run directly above a PDC in rotary or directional assemblies
  • > TorkBuster® applies a rotational impact to the bit
  • > Improves Drilling Efficiency by Increasing Energy to the Cutter/Rock Interface
  • > Improve rates of penetration, increases bit life, and reduces drill bit related stick-slip

How TorkBuster Functions

  • 1 Drilling fluid passes through the filter, large particles continue down stream
  • 2 Clean fluid is used to start up the hammer in a piloting chamber
  • 3 Remaining fluid drives the hammer by entering through the center
  • 4 Hammer force set by pressure drop that is generated by flow and nozzle
  • 5 Hammer energy is transferred directly to the bit

Ulterra TorkBuster Anti Stick-Slip

What it Does

  • > Reduces drilling cost by improving bit performance
  • > Effective alternative to multiple roller cone runs
  • > Enables use of more aggressive/efficient PDC cutting structures
  • > Higher ROP in hard formations
  • > Increases PDC bit life resulting in fewer trips
  • > Improved BHA life – mitigates damage associated with torsional vibrations
  • > Improved tool face control in directional assemblies

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