Activated Drilling Scraper

Activated Drilling Scraper

Activated Drilling Scraper-1

Activated Drilling Scraper

The Activated Drilling Scraper remains dormant in the string until activated, allowing drilling operations and casing scraping to be completed in a single trip. The robust design features high torque premium connections making it suitable to be in heavy duty drilling BHAs even when drilling horizontal sections.

Once hydraulically activated, by dropping a ball from surface, the Activated Drilling Scraper’s blades provide 360° coverage for effective removal of debris. Multiple activated drilling scrapers can be run in tandem to scrape multiple casing strings in a single trip, further optimizing drilling operations.


Can remove the need for a dedicated scraper trip to prepare casings ID to prior setting.

Multiple Drilling scrapers Can be run in Tandem to scrape multiple Casings IDs simultaneously.

High torque connections.

Hydraulically activated.

Covers a wide casing weight range .

Proven to be Casing friendly and to have non-damaging effect for Casing.

Available for HPHT applications.

360° casing coverage.