Introducing the

Introducing the


Shallow Application Slickline System for shallow plug installation and DHSV remedial op’s to reinstate well integrity.


I’m pleased to be welcoming you to our latest update bulletin, which reaches you during an interesting and exciting phase in the evolution of Wellvene.


We’re now entering our fifth year of business, so it’s perhaps also timely to offer an overview of our journey: of the rationale behind forming a new company during an industry downturn, of how we’ve adapted to pursue new opportunities, and of what the future holds for our services, products and growth plan.

We formed Wellvene in April 2017 to offer solutions-based well completion, intervention and integrity services for responsive design engineering and manufacturing. Although there were of course risks involved, we were confident that we were well placed to contribute during a time of change within the industry.

Operating companies were moving away from high-cost new well delivery to focus on subsea and platform P&A operations, whilst also accessing platform well stock for lower-cost, lower-rate, value-adding
opportunities. This shift of emphasis often entailed accessing wells that may not have been entered for many years. Uncertainty around well conditions, and the identification of issues during the operation itself,
resulted in a growing need for a company that specialised in bespoke solutions and products with a swift turnaround in design, manufacture and qualification.

The slow yet steady recovery from the 2015 downturn further positioned us to grow and establish strong working relationships with major operating and service companies within the UK, Norway, Middle East and Australasia; where we’ve supported a diverse range of well operations that fall outwith the standard operational tooling we might conventionally be expected to supply. All of which serves to support our strategic assessment in 2017 that there would be an ongoing need for bespoke and responsive design, engineering and manufacture within the wells sector.

The global pandemic and further industry downturn has of course created a new set of challenges. Like everyone, we’ve had to re-adapt and strategise our 2020/2021 plan both to protect our growth objectives and support the current requirements of the wells industry. In doing so we’ve had to take account of the restructuring work many global operators have completed to help them manage their way through the pandemic.

Although solutions are and will remain a core Wellvene service, our team has worked tirelessly to design and develop new products and services throughout 2020 and 2021, as we remain committed to supporting the global wells industry as it recovers from the impact of Covid-19 and collectively meets a potential post-pandemic increase in demand for energy.

At the same time operating companies are implementing their energy transition and working towards net zero emissions, I believe more than ever that small to medium-sized companies should also be reviewing and adapting their technologies, techniques and processes to support the priorities of operators as they maximise hydrocarbon recovery in a smarter, simpler and cleaner manner whilst they pursue their transition goals.

Although our primary focus at this time is to support the demands of current well operations, Wellvene are also working towards a steady reduction in our own carbon footprint. This approach is already evident through our continued efforts to improve existing technologies, whilst maximising tool interface and compatibility to reduce inventory requirements and packaging. Ultimately, we’re working to introduce innovative methods for well operations with a clear focus on reducing equipment volume, risk, time and costs whilst improving efficiency.

Many of these measures are inherent in our growing service and product portfolio, elements of which are highlighted in this newsletter – I very much hope you enjoy this opportunity to read more about them. We’ll continue to re-invest in our business and our people, and reaffirm our commitment to industry improvement, whilst staying true to our core values of safety, integrity, trust, transparency and respect.

As we position ourselves for further growth, I know I echo the views of Engineering Director Mike Fraser, Production Director Craig Parley, Operations Director Andy Stewart and indeed the whole Wellvene team in stating our appreciation for the opportunities and support we’ve received from all our customers during this challenging period. We’re similarly grateful for the level of support and service we’ve received from our sub-contractor providers. It’s only by building and maintaining these strong relationships that Wellvene will remain primed to deliver time after time.

Thank you and stay safe.
Bronson Larkins,
Managing Director




The Challenge

Operating companies have an HSE obligation to carry out annual Wellhead maintenance on all xmas tree valves, wellhead valves and DHSVs. With a significant number of tests on any given platform, failure of numerous valves may occur, resulting in the requirement for wireline to be mobilised to plug the well for surface valve repairs or to complete remedial work on the DHSV. Securing space on any platform schedule post maintenance campaign can prove challenging and when a slot does become available, there is then further justification required as value adding well work is always a strong contender for these available slots.

Recognising the need for a more efficient solution to address shallow plug installation for xmas tree / wellhead repairs and DHSV remedial work, Wellvene have developed the WellHOPTM.


With a wire drum c/w 3,000ft of 0.125” slickline, measuring head and toolstring winch installed directly onto a frame around the lubricator, the WellHOPTM challenges traditional slickline rig ups and operating methods by eliminating the need for a mast and separate wireline winch whilst also simplifying the overall PCE rig up.

Transported in only 2 baskets for reduced lifts and full PCE rigged up directly onto well with only 2 lifts, the system offers significant time saving during rig up and rig down. For multi well campaigns the system can also be lifted directly from one well to the next in a single lift.

Purposely designed to make the system more efficient for shallow depth slickline operations, the WellHOPTM ensures a reduction in operational risk, time, cost and POB whilst improving overall operational efficiency.


Benefits of the WellHOPTM….

- Purposely designed to set shallow plugs for xmas tree and wellhead repairs or emergent plugging operations
- Purposely designed for DHSV remedial work
-  Achieve more xmas tree and DHSV repairs within a single campaign compared with conventional slickline
-  Free up platform schedule for value adding well work
-  Smaller footprint compared with conventional rig up’s
-  Option for simops. Deck space can accommodate 2 systems if required
-  No mast or wireline unit required
-  No slickline wire across open deck area
-  Significantly reduced rig up time. 2 lifts from basket to fully rigged up on well
-  Move from one well directly onto the next well in a single lift. Eliminating rig down and re-position of conventional equipment such as masts, wireline units etc
-  Reduced operational risk, time, cost and POB to operate the system
-  Increased operational efficiency
-  Reduced connections for reduced leak paths
-  No compromise to well control requirements
-  Side mounted winch system that offers the same line speed, overpull and jarring capability seen with conventional wireline units

The Complete Plugging and DHSV Package

The Complete Plugging and DHSV PackageThe Complete Plugging and DHSV Package-1

Wellvene specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of flow control nipple plugs, DHSV remedial tooling and P&A tool packages which shall allow us to offer our clients a single source solution to meet their operational and well integrity requirements. In addition to this, we pride ourselves on collaborating with other industry leading intervention companies to ensure we consistently offer effective and efficient solutions to align with our One Package, One Campaign, One Result philosophy.



Since the launch of the Wellvene DHSV Remedial Package, Wellvene have supported a significant number of customers DHSV operations within various regions globally. Whether it be a single tool for a specific part of the operation or the complete package, our goal remains the same. Ensure our customers well can be returned to production during a single campaign whilst reducing risk, time, cost and production loss.

With our ability to provide a DHSV Remedial Tool Package to suit any size and type of OEM TRSSSV / WRSSSV, and adaptability to collaborate with any OEM to support the design and manufacture of any bespoke tools such as exercise or lockout tooling, Wellvene’s single source approach, supported by our DHSV tool portfolio and design / operational experience can be the difference between your well remaining closed in or being returned to production within a single campaign.

Investigative Runs / Restore Functionality

Range of hold open and protection sleeves Flapper Status Verification Tool – confirm functionality of flowtube / flapper (can run c/w camera)

Chemical Soak Tool – spot and hold chemicals across TRDHSV to clear debris / scale

Wire Brush – 360° brass contact to effectively clean across flowtube and seal bores

Exercise Tool – (OEM supplied) within Wellvene tool package

Scale / Debris Breaker – to clear scale / debris for access to DHSV

Lock Out TRDHSV and Install WRDHSV

Lock Out Tool – OEM supplied within Wellvene tool package

Wellvene lock mandrel, pack off and Tejas FlowGARD™ API monogrammed insert DHSV

V-Packing stack arrangements for optimal sealing capability / configuration

Tendeka / Wellvene SwellStack – qualified to 10,000psi gas in 1.65mm wire tracked groove / damaged seal bore

DEWellVeX™ (patent pending) – dual expanding element pack off c/w Tejas FlowGARD™ API monogrammed insert DHSV

Tejas storm choke and water injection valves Running and pulling tools / prongs

Lock Out TRDHSV and Install WRDHSV


Russell Birkett

Since joining Wellvene, the team have been fully supportive in progressing my career. I have not only been able to watch the company grow but also be part of it and that’s what gives me job satisfaction.

Russell Birkett
Engineering Manager



In October 2019, Tendeka and Wellvene were delighted to announce a partnership with regards to our WRSSSV Swellstack for sealing within damaged TRSSSV seal bores. This partnership has seen the SwellStack design being improved significantly, backed up with full qualification testing and successful installations globally. Tendeka’s VP for Europe, Russia, CIS & Africa, Gillian King and Wellvene’s Managing Director, Bronson Larkins discuss the collaboration and how it can ensure maximised economic recovery for oil and gas operators.




With continuous improvement at the core of our Down Hole Safety Valve Remedial Package offering, we felt it was important to think outside the box a little when it came to the supply of the Insert Valve itself. As with the other tools in the package the WRSSSV had to be versatile, robust, cost effective and have something that offered progression from what has been used in our industry to date. During our analysis of the safety valve market it became clear that if we were going to land on a system that truly represented a step change in wireline deployable safety valve technology, performance, reliability and efficiency there was only one company we could really call the experts and that was Tejas.

Tejas have in the FlowGARD™ system a real game changer in efficiency and performance that has simplicity at its core, the GARD™ power closure system provides a bubble tight seal using a Metal-to-Metal Ball & Seat mechanism that eliminates the weakness of conventional flapper style valves without the reliability issues you get with rotating ball valve type devices.


The innovative and robust design of the  FlowGARD™ and the impeccable expert  service of the team at Tejas was only part  of the story as the objective of the Wellvene  Remedial Package wasn’t just practical  efficiencies but also that of COST.

The cost to operating companies for holding  stock of their conventional WRSSSV’s to  ensure availability if/when a well goes  down can be considerable and comes with  potential for stock to remain in storage for  a significant period of time. This is where  the FlowGARD™ really pays its way. Tejas  pride themselves by selecting the correct  valve based on FLOWRATE not valve size.  This simple yet very effective strategy  challenges the current thinking of matching  a conventional WRSSSV to the size of  the completion, instead making sure the  FlowGARD™ valve is selected based on the maximum well flowrate. The use of smaller  WRSSSV crossed over to a Wellvene lock  mandrel / extension can result in a huge  reduction in inventory (without a reduction in flow) when it comes to holding safety valve stock.


Some of the Tejas FlowGARD™ attributes
that really set it apart are:

- 300 x more closing force – power system spring is below closure device
- Bubble tight seal – metal-to-metal ball & seat (not a rotating ball)
- Minimum moving parts – ball travels 1.5” from fully open to closed position
- Seal components designed with erosion  resistant materials
- Valve not prone to stuck in unwanted  positions (partial open, etc)
- Extend time between maintenance intervals – 4 x longer valve service life
- Large effective flow area
- Robust self-equalisation for rapid return to production following shut-in
- Fail-safe – protection from uncontrolled flow
- Reduced inventory - replaces all flapper style WRSSSV’s


The versatility of Wellvene’s flagship product, the V0 rated WellVeX™ plug has been further expanded with the introduction of the WellCYCLE Valve which allows remote equalisation by increasing differential pressure from above to a pre-determined level. The WellCYCLE can be set up to the customers specific requirements allowing the operator to pressure up on the well a pre-determined number of times to allow for operational testing or production packer setting before sending a final pressure signal to equalise and open the tool.

The WellCYCLE can be used in a multitude of applications due to the intervention-less operation and large ID allowing for
excellent flow rates.

The WellCYCLE is free of electronic components and is purely dependent on pressure differential signalling to open, therefore removing any potential failure modes associated with some non-mechanical designs.



Same Nipple Profile,
Different Seal, Different Outcome.


A UK North Sea operator was carrying out a shallow set plugging
operation in preparation for the removal of a xmas tree.

The operation involved the installation of a customer owned conventional nipple profile plug c/w a v-packing stack arrangement into a 1.812” D nipple. With the plug set, the operator was unable to achieve a successful leak off test across the v-packing stack. The plug was retrieved, redressed and re-run with the same results.


With operations on hold, the operator called Wellvene and requested the supply of our WellVeX™ plug package compatible with the same 1.812” D landing nipple profile that the previous plug had been set within.

The WellVeX™ plug required a slight modification to ensure complete compatibility with the existing nipple profile. Two new
parts were rapidly designed, manufactured and supplied along with the complete WellVeX™ plug package. Due to the unique expanding element sealing capability, the plug was installed by the core crew personnel, and successfully tested first time and within 24hrs of receiving the initial call.

Due to the simplicity of design and operational use, with no additional personnel to run, no run or redress charge and its
superior sealing capability, the WellVeX™ V0 Q1 (qualified element) is fast becoming a plug of choice for integrity isolation and P&A operations over conventional bridge plugs or nipple plugs c/w v-packings or dual seals. (v-packings or dual seals are a non bi-directional seal/test).



Wellvene awarded contract with major north sea operator for the storage, maintenance and management of flow control equipment including lock mandrels, plugs, equalising equipment and DHSV tooling.

Basic Principle

Store, manage and maintain company owned and long term rental barrier equipment to replace or compliment current slickline provider obligations and ensure 100% barrier availability at all times.

Practical Description

Inventory and Storage

Wellvene take control of all flow control barrier equipment under a full inventory with a “real time” customer accessible database. After initial stock take and equipment evaluation, each item will be continually tracked with run/rebuild and movement history, all backed up by electronic signatures for 100% traceability.

Maintenance and Redress

Wellvene are responsible for the management, maintenance, repair, replacement and redress of all flow control equipment such as lock mandrels, equalising devices, running/pulling tools, redress kits etc. This management service shall ensure all stock items are replenished as required and available for call off at any time.

Upgrading and Versatility of Existing Stock

Ensure existing flow control equipment is not only fit for purpose but versatile enough to be used in the increasingly difficult area of ageing assets. For example, a tubing hanger plug or a standard lock mandrel design can be redressed from an existing OEM seal stack to a superior Wellvene seal stack purposely designed, tested and qualified with worn and damaged seal bores in mind, therefore ensuring a serviceable barrier in even the most damaged of profiles.

Further enhancing the versatility of the existing stock, Wellvene can supply our WellVeX™ V0 nipple profile plug to suit any size and type of OEM profile. The WellVeX™ V0 plug offers the operational simplicity and reliability of a lock mandrel with the sealing capability and integrity assurance of a bridge plug.



Improve efficiency whilst reducing risk, time and cost

With P&A activity ongoing and due to increase, Wellvene have been providing our customers with a well specific purposely designed and manufactured P&A tooling package as an alternative and more cost-effective option for isolating both the production bore and annulus bore whilst simplifying operational risk and time.


The package consists of yet is not limited to the following.

Wellvene Debris Cutter

Interchangeable debris broach and torque action breaker for scale and debris removal.

V-Series™ Drifts

V Collapsible Drift – confirm access whilst tagging completion jewellery for depth correlation.

V-Pro Drift™

Verify profile suitability to ensure “first time” success with profile based barriers.


V0 landing nipple profile plug to suit any size and type of OEM profile.

Wellvene Intervention Sleeve Range

- Max-ID Sleeve
Allows access for larger OD tooling.

Secure Lock Sleeve

Securely locked in place for longer term applications.

Drop Lock Sleeve

Can utilise collapsible running tool to save dedicated runs.


Dual V0 rated expanding elements for dual seal bore applications i.e. safety valve, SSD etc.

Flapper Status Verification Tool

Confirm the status of the safety valve flapper and can be run along with memory camera.

Other Possible Inclusions

Chemical soak tools to release stuck flow tubes, secure lock sleeves with debris filters for safely clearing control lines with Nitrogen, 360° roller brushes c/w debris catchers to clear nipple profiles without dropping debris into well.



Continuing our goal to become market leaders in the provision of intervention sleeves to suit tubing hangers, DHSV’s, SSD’s, isolation valves etc, Wellvene observed an increase in global demand throughout 2020 and 2021.

From our range of sleeves tailored to suit any size and type of OEM completion equipment, Wellvene offer the following
as part of our standard sleeve range.

- Drop lock protection and hold open sleeve
- Secure lock hold open protection sleeve and secure lock large ID isolation sleeve
- Isolation sleeve – standard design and DEWellVeX™
- E-sleeve – set and retrieved on E-Line
- Bespoke sleeve solutions – custom design
- Max ID sleeve – largest ID sleeve on the market for DHSV / P&A operations

Locking out safety valve during P&A Operations.

The Wellvene Max ID Sleeve can remove the need for locking open the TRSSSV during P&A operations to allow lower
completion access with larger OD tools. Example, for a 5.5” TRSSSV the Max ID Sleeve offers an ID of 4.244” as standard
(larger on request) compared with industry standard of approximately 3.937”. The increased ID of 4.244” allows for greater flexibility when selecting bridge plugs, composite plugs, tubing cutters and punches as any tool OD up to 4.224” can be confidently run down and up through the Max ID Sleeve.

Locking out safety valve during P&A Operations.



Wellvene are delighted to welcome Fahud Energy Solutions LLC as one of our in-country partners and include them to our ever growing list of expert local specialists providing high quality service to their clients in Oman.

Fahud Energy Solutions LLC (FES) are part of the FOS Energy Group of companies and fit perfectly with the Wellvene ethos of putting our customers’ needs first.

FOS endeavour to assist their customers to achieve a reduction in the cost of oil and gas by providing reliable, cost effective solutions, delivered by expert personnel with the following values and principles.

- Perform at the highest levels of service quality that exceeds our customers’ expectations
- Believe that all accidents are preventable
- Recognise that we are responsible for protecting the environment
- Continually apply new technology that benefits our customers
- Support a culture of real-time decision making to ensure  responsiveness to our customers’ needs
- Maintain integrity in all of our actions, and honour our commitments


Kev Mather

“Taking the opportunity to work for  Wellvene has been a great decision. It’s a fantastic experience with great support from all of the team here. The volume and intensity of the projects, whether bespoke or from our list of products is met with a brilliant positive attitude and the drive to deliver a high quality service.”

It is also great to use my operational experience to add value to the design of innovative and new intervention

Kev Mather,
Applications Engineer

Becca Milne

Something I really love about working at Wellvene is that I get to be involved in the process of each job from start
to finish.

From raising new job enquiries for the sales team, to creating purchase orders for procurement and finally invoicing the
customer when the jobs complete.Wellvene is a small but effective team which means everyone works closely to  ensure we turnout great solutions for the oil and gas sector.

Becca Milne,
Office Administrator



Since the launch of our Engineered Fishing Services division in December 2020 we have completed 6 separate call offs for
various operators both in the North Sea and Southern North Sea. On each occasion Wellvene have provided a fully engineered operational proposal and worked closely with both the operating company and supporting service companies to ensure the successful planning, execution and outcome on each of the operations.

During the review and planning stages it has become very evident that there’s been a requirement for bespoke and
purposely designed tooling to help achieve the required and successful outcome. Wellvene’s highly experienced design
team have completed all design work in house to customise each tool specific to the operation, whereby upon assembly
an extensive and detailed SIT has been carried out to prove tool functionality and likelihood of success offshore.

To further support offshore operations, Wellvene’s team of 4 highly experienced offshore fishing personnel have worked
very closely with the client, WSS and slickline crew throughout the operation to ensure each and every stage is cautiously and accurately planned and completed. Additional to the six successfully completed operations, Wellvene have been busy reviewing well data and preparing engineered operational proposals on a further five wells for 3 different operators, with 3 of the wells also requiring bespoke engineered BHA’s.

In addition to planning and managing heavy duty fishing operations, Wellvene are also providing standard fishing BHA’s to service companies to allow them to carry a fleet of robust and proven fishing tools for their own operations.

In addition to planning and managing heavy duty fishing operations, Wellvene are also providing standard fishing BHA’s to service companies to allow them to carry a fleet of robust and proven fishing tools for their own operations.These range from heavy duty pulling tools to spears, grabs, wire finders and overshots.

What does the future hold? We’ll continue to work towards offering a best-in-class service, and to support this Wellvene shall collaborate with the right companies to compliment this service and invest in holding a range of high load toolstrings and fishing BHA’s. Where there’s a requirement within the industry for this service, there is a willingness from Wellvene to grow this division to support demand.

As the ability to travel out with the UK eases in line with each countries COVID restrictions, we anticipate an increase
in demand for our highly unique and experienced services and look forward to being able to grow our service offerings
outwith the UK.



Congratulations to team Wellvene including Ruby, Daphne and Rocky the dogs for such a great effort as they completed the White Mounth Munros around Glen Muick (5 Munros, 30km, 10hrs).

Thanks to everyone who has supported our fund raising efforts knowing that all money raised is going towards supporting 2 amazing local charities.

Sue Ryder Dee View Court appeal in Kincorth. Scotland’s only purpose-built specialist neurological care centre helping people with life-changing conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, and motor neurone disease.

Northsound Cash for Kids. Helping children and young people across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire that are affected by poverty, neglect, life-limiting illness, and those who have additional needs.Every penny raised will be topped up by 50% thanks to the generosity of Sir Tom Hunter and The Hunter Foundation.



Following our win at the 2020 ICoTA Golf Tournament, Wellvene are delighted to return this year and join the 2021 ICoTA golf calendar. Always a great day and chance to catch up with our industry peers!


With the addition of our Engineered Fishing Services Division, flow control, barrier management service, WellHOPTM shallow
intervention technology and increase for our products and services to support the global intervention market, Wellvene are delighted to announce that we have taken on a second facility to support this strategic growth plan.

Our new address: Wellvene, Technology House,
Pitmedden Road, Dyce, Aberdeen AB21 0DP



With the continuous revalidation of our ISO 9001 accreditation, Wellvene are currently working towards API Q1 with a view of having this awarded and implemented into our business by early 2022.



As the ICoTA Europe Chapter continues its mission of supporting, communicating and promoting the latest in well intervention technologies, expertise, safety, training and industry practices, Wellvene are delighted to extend
our support by remaining a Patron of this great Chapter.