Well Head and Flowline Removal

It is agreed in the industry that one of the most dangerous aspect of a well’s life can be decommissioning, if not handled correctly.

This can lead to unplanned events or even harm to personnel and the environment, particularly when removing wellheads, redundant gas flow lines or oil and gas storage vessels.


R&D Solutions uses custom built Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Inert jet cutting technology to precision cut and remove wellheads and flow-lines, removing the need for old fashioned techniques and burning equipment. An example of a typical set up and the resulting clean cut wellhead ready for disposal is shown below.

Well Heade Removal

Advantages of using UHP technology include:

  • > Inert cutting using high pressure water and garnet, no naked flame
  • > Safe to use with no one in close proximity to the cutting head
  • > Minimal environment footprint
  • > Unit self contained
  • > Staff trained to cutting industry standards
  • > 4 x 4 driver trained
  • > IVMS installed
  • > Remote area permit trained.

UHP technology has a successful 11-year track record of use by major oil and gas companies on and offshore.