Blackhawk Speciality Cementing Equipment

R&D Solutions provide Blackhawk’s proprietary cementing equipment package which includes cement heads and complementary products. Blackhawk is highly regarded by operators in Australia and overseas for its ability to deliver lower costs, enhance safety and reduce rig time.

In particular Blackhawk provide:

  • > Proprietary market proven innovative cementing technology
  • > Performance advantages in demanding growth markets including deepwater operations where         primary cementing quality is crucial
  • > Experienced management and technical team behind every job to assist and support
  • > Industry leading engineering team constantly focused on improvement to enhance operational         efficiencies and develop innovative new products and practices
  • > Unwavering commitment to customer service
  • > Constant focus on quality, safety and environment in everything we do

Blackhawk exclusive rotating cement heads and tight tolerance bowspring centraliser technology is unrivalled. Blackhawk staff is industry recognised for being subject matter experts. 

Blackhawk Speciality Cementing Equipment

Selecting R&D Solutions and Blackhawk for your cementing operations provides access to speciality expertise, vast experience and a suite of patented rotating cement heads, diverter systems, SSR systems, float equipment, onshore and offshore centralisers and more with cement results you can count on every time.