CX-2 Bridge Plug

CX-2 Bridge Plug

CX-2 Bridge Plug-1

CX-2 Bridge Plug

The CX-2 Bridge Plug provides a solid and tested base for a cement plug which delivers improved efficiency and reliability for plugging and abandonment operations.

Unlike other mechanical barriers, it features a release system, which provides a slick stinger with a through-bore. This eliminates the need for a dedicated trip for cementing operations. Constructed of fully drillable materials, the CX-2 Bridge plug boasts a field proven design with extensive run history. It has a 300°F temperature rating and can be rated to 400°F if required.

Designed to set with a combination of hydraulic pressure and mechanical pull, it comes with a built-in setting mechanism for greater efficiency.


No Mechanical Setting Tool -Average 3 hour time saving per well

Slick OD and large ID to minimise cement disturbance when pulling out of the hole

Rated to 325°F, V0 rated version available


Cementing operations

Both temporary and permanent zonal isolation

Deviated applications