CX-Enviroplug Rev 1




Confidently setting an environmental barrier for P&A operations has traditionally been limited to complex and costly mechanical bridge plugs and inflatable devices.

The CX-Enviroplug is a cementing plug used to provide a reliable base for cement in larger ID casing, which removes the complexity and restraints associated with other environmental barriers. The CX-Enviroplug is run with a Coretrax disconnect sub, allowing cementing operations to take place once the plug has been released.

Made from fully drillable materials, the tool contains a one-way valve and bypass ports which prevents surging when running in hole. The three-finned design also features a weight set element that allows for pressure testing of the plug.


Suitable for a range of applications with sizes up to 30" available

Compression set elastomer with pressure testing of up to 1,000 psi

Open-ended cement stinger allowing for cementing to take place in same run in hole



Other sizes available on request.