CX-Junk Filter Sub

CX-Junk Filter Sub

CX-Junk Filter Sub-1

CX-Junk Filter Sub

The Coretrax CX-Junk Filter Sub allows the removal of debris which is too large to be circulated out of the well.

As the circulation slows, the denser materials drop over the lip and into the filter cup. The device can also be run in conjunction with a variety of Coretrax wellbore clean-up tools to provide a bespoke tool string to suit your operations.

The CX-Junk Filter Sub is an ideal solution to be utilised below the Coretrax BOP Jetting Sub to capture debris removed while jetting the BOP cavities.


Suitable for a range of operations with sizes from 4½" through to 20"

Varying sleeve and cup lengths available to suit well conditions

Sizes also available for riser applications.