CX-Riser Brush

CX-Riser Brush

CX-Riser Brush-1

CX-Riser Brush

The Coretrax Riser Brush is an integral part of the drill string and is designed to clean the riser as the pipe is run into and pulled out of the well. It is stabilized slightly below the drift diameter of the riser to centralise the drill string.

The strong, flexible bristles provide the necessary force and contact to effectively remove residual drilling fluid, scale and other foreign materials from the ID of the riser to ensure a clean surface.

The one-piece tool can be rotated or reciprocated without fear of damage to the riser or the tool. It can be run with the clean-up string and remain in the riser during the clean-up circulation and may be short tripped in the well at the beginning or at the end of the clean-up operation. It has no internal seal elements.


Available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of operations

Brushes provide 360° coverage

High fluid bypass to allow debris to flow past and between brush assemblies

Compatible with the entire Coretrax Wellbore Clean-up Tool line

Solid robust casing brush element eliminating any potential damage to brushing element and debris build up and damage to tool body


Wellbore clean-up





Other sizes available on request.