DAV MX™ CircSub

DAV MX™ CircSub

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DAV MX™ CircSub

The DAV MX™ CircSub is a class leading downhole circulation bypass tool, activated by unique smart darts, that delivers significantly improved performance across drilling, completions and operations.

Simple to use, the multi-function, multi-cycle DAV MX™ circulating sub can be run across a wide range of applications including hole cleaning, displacements, LCM Spotting, BOP jetting and many others.

Its versatility and resilience plus the rapid smart dart activation, provides operators with fast circulating options in virtually any environment. Operators have activated the tool at depths of more than 31,000 feet, heavy mud weights of 20 PPG, temperatures of almost 250°C and at 98° section inclinations.


Speed – Fast activation (darts travel up to 1,000 ft/min)

Versatile – A range of Smart Darts provide users with split flow, full-bypass and well control options across more than 20 application types

Reliable – Unlike conventional balls, DAV MX darts will not blow through on opening, therefore can be pumped at much higher speeds. With more than 2,500 runs, the DAV MX has a comprehensive track record. For enhanced contingency, the tool can be repaired downhole, a unique and rarely used feature

Simple – The tool is extremely user-friendly requiring no service hand and no need for configuration prior to running

Robust – Its innovative and simple design means its largely immune to variations in angle, temperature, differential pressure, mud type and mud weight


Loss curing



LCM spotting

BOP jetting

Reverse circulating


Dry tripping

Mechanical bypass

Regaining circulation