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For the last decade, Deep Casing Tools has been challenging the conventions of Target Depth Technology. Our track record speaks for itself: more than 400 tools sold to over 30 global customers, with a near perfect installation success rate.

Continuing to extend the boundaries of innovation, we have developed a suite of smart, simple and proven Target Depth Technologies to provide a complete solution across every stage of the drilling and completion cycle.

Our TurboRunner™, TD Pilot and Disposable PDM – innovative downhole motorised reaming tools help get pipe to target depth, whatever challenges the well presents. A partner to any of these tools, MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel can be run on any string where there are problems getting it to target depth.


  • Deliver safer, quicker and more efficient completions
  • Increase likelihood of reaching target depth
  • Maximise return on investment
  • Reduce risk


Wiper trips, open hole exposure, obstructions while running in hole, pressure spikes – these all add up to flat time, potential damage to completions and equipment, and reduced returns. 

Deploying our TurboRunner™, TD Pilot, Disposable PDM and MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel enables completions to be run sooner, while the well is in better condition, maximising return on investment.

Our products are the only tools on the market which work effectively without any surface rotation. With wells becoming deeper and longer, incorporating extended horizontal sections, our pioneering design generates a wealth of benefits: saving costs associated with additional hardware, as well as preventing damage in situations where strings cannot be rotated.

Wherever your well is being constructed, whatever the conditions and challenges it presents, our tools deliver the best results - fast.



A rugged and reliable tool, the TurboRunner™ makes sure that completions access all planned reserves, whilst significantly reducing flat time and the risk of off-depth completions.

It provides high-speed reaming to land completions at target depth, without the need to rotate the liner or completion.

With its unique design combining turbine powered reaming with low circulating pressures, the TurboRunner™ is particularly useful for making sure that final strings, casings, liners or completions get to target depth in more problematic wells.

Our pioneering design protects the completion from vibration, reactive torque and pressure spikes. As a result, there is no chance of other equipment in the string being adversely affected and prematurely set.


  • Reduce well construction costs
  • Ream completions to target depth without surface rotation
  • Minimise the risk of damage to ‘delicate’ strings with low vibration and torque
  • Reduce wiper trips
  • Create reliable connections
  • Protect intelligent completions



Our TD Pilot delivers high-speed reaming to land strings at target depth. Using a unique turbine design, it delivers power to the reamer without any rotation at the surface.

Its cost-effective design combines high RPM and torque with low circulating pressures. It is particularly effective in challenging wells, where removing the risk of reactive torque and pressure spikes will protect completions and equipment.

A turbine-powered reamer, it has the benefit of high speed, low to medium torque and pressure drop on stall, meaning that it works optimally with ‘delicate’ strings that are affected by pressure spikes and reactive torque.


  • Reduce well construction costs
  • Create reliable connections
  • Reduce wiper trips
  • Minimise Equivalent Circulating Density with low flow rate
  • Reach target depth
  • Maximise return on investment

TurboRunner™ and TD Pilot are turbine driven, ensuring effective high-speed reaming with no risk of pressure spikes that could compromise hydraulic set tools in the string, highspec completions, or fragile formations.



Our Single Shot PDM helps reach target depth and provides that extra insurance needed when high torque is required at the reamer.

As with all our tools, it removes the need for string rotation. A positive displacement motorpowered reamer, it has the benefit of low to mid speed and high torque

The disposable motor enables the final string to be landed at target depth, and also delivers the ability to drill new formation at target depth.

Our Disposable PDM is the best tool when high torque reaming is required through the most challenging obstructions. It offers exceptional performance with more robust strings.


  • Low-cost target depth insurance
  • Quick completion of trouble-zones
  • Minimised wellconstruction risks and HSE exposure
  • Sacrificial motor
  • Reduced wiper trips


  • A drill pipe deployed swivel tool allowing independent upper string rotation
  • Enables more weight to be applied to push liners into extended reach drilling wells
  • Can be 100% mechanically locked without the need for flow, circulation or pressure
  • Once locked it can be rotated to the right or to the left in tension or compression
  • Prevents potentially harmful rotation and torque being applied below it

The MechLOK™™ Drill Pipe Swivel can be run on any string where potential problems exist in reaching target depth due to frictional issues, typically in long, horizontal extended reach drilling (ERD) wells.


  • Reduced requirement for heavy-weight drill pipe or drill collars
  • Protection from potentially harmful torque
  • Immediate locking enables mechanical release of setting tools when required
  • Mitigates HSE risk involved in handling multiple roller bearing subs


Using the most advanced torque and drag software in the industry, WellScan, Deep Casing Tools can accurately predict torque and drag issues that may be encountered during your well construction project.

We can show where there is the greatest risk of helical and sinusoidal buckling, and apply our knowledge to reduce this risk through the use of our MechLOK™ Drill Pipe Swivel.

By optimising string design and the placement of the MechLOK™ Swivel we are able to demonstrate how our technology can mitigate the risk associated with torque and drag, reduce the need for heavy weight drill pipe, drill collars and roller tools, and maximise your chances of getting to target depth, in turn minimising time and risk, and maximising ROI.


Deep Casing Tools is the default choice for drilling and completions engineers looking for simple, enabling technology that delivers better results, faster.

Developing and selling this technology is just part of the Deep Casing Tools story. We can also bring our considerable in-house knowledge and expertise in torque and drag to help you plan the installation. By providing operational support in the planning phase, we can ensure that the installation has the best chance of success.

So it’s not just our smart, simple, reliable technology that has a strong trackrecord of delivering better results; it’s our team too. Get in touch to find out how we can help your business reduce the costs and risks of well construction.