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Drill Cool

Drill Cool

The leader in well temperature control.

Stay cool while drilling deeper with the high-flow Drill Cool mud coolers!

Benefits of Managing Surface Temperature
> Decreased Rig Downtime
> Increased Safety to Rig Personnel. 1st degree burns can occur on exposed skin after just a few seconds of contact with fluids in excess of 140*F (>60*C)
> Reduce Mean Time Between Failures of Surface Equipment. Elastomer Components - BOP, Pump Expendables, Seals, Fluids exceeding 180*F (>82*C)
> Reduced Corrosion
> Lower Dilling Fluid Maintenance Costs
> Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) Management

Benefits of Managing Down Hole Wellbore Temperatures
> Pore Pressure & Fracture Gradient Control
> ECD Management
> Improve Downhole Tool Operation & Life MWD, LWD, Mud Motors, etc. above 250*F (>120*C)
> Improve Bit Life
> Reduce Corrosion
> Improve Cement Quality
> Improve Mud Pulse Quality
> Increase the Transportation of Cuttings

Cool your offshore drilling with the Drill Cool FX Unity

Designed for economical, trouble-free operation, effective temperature reduction, and superior solids handling the FX Seawater Geo-Cooler is ideally suited for your offshore drilling needs. These units provide and maintain superior flow up to 1,200 GPM while in operation. FX units are designed for heavy drilling mud and not to foul. This means that the mud flow and seawater flow do not decline over time. Maintaining maximum flow is critical to the cooling cycle!

The FX Seawater Geo-Cooler is easy to install, operate and maintain. It is designed to meet the following application requirements:
> Capable of flows up to 1200 gpm
> System Temperatures to 220*F (104*C)
> Pressures to 100 psi (7 bar)
> Solids to 3/4” (19mm) Diameter