Drop Drift Cleaner

Drop Drift Cleaner

Drop Drift Cleaner-1

Drop Drift Cleaner

Following cementing operations foam wiper balls are typically used to remove residual cement, drilling fluid or debris from the inside of the drill pipe or tubing. However, this can result in cement disturbance.

The Drop Drift Cleaner package consists of a drop drift brush, which comprises a weighted bullnose and handle with a bristled cleaning element, and a land out sub. This is pre-installed in the drill string before running in hole.

After cementing operations, the brush is dropped from surface and free-falls through the drill string before landing out in the bespoke internal profile of the catcher sub.

The drill pipe is then pulled out of hole and the catcher is sub broken out before deploying a foam wiper ball to clean the first ten stands of drill pipe without disturbing cement.


Available to suit a range of sizes

Potential six-hour time saving per well

The drop drift brush gives 360-degree coverage

Flexibility to pass through tool joint restrictions

High memory bristles allow the brush to be used multiple times before replacement