Hi Pro Casing Brush

Hi Pro Casing Brush

Hi Pro Casing Brush-1

Hi Pro Casing Brush

The Coretrax Hi Pro Casing Brush is non-rotating and aids in the removal of residual drilling fluid, scale, cement, perforation burrs and other foreign material from the ID of the casing.

It can be run in conjunction with the Hi Pro Casing Scraper to maximise debris removal from the casing wall during wellbore clean-up, drilling and fishing to ensure efficient future operations.

Each tool has two specially designed brush sleeves aligned on the body to provide the maximum contact with the casing ID while running-in and reciprocating the string. The body provides absolute safety and security by locking each brush segment onto an integral part of the brush.


Two sets of offset brushes ensure 360° coverage of the casing wall with self-centralising stabilisers

High fluid bypass to allow debris to flow past the stabilisers and brush sleeves

Brushes give optimum shearing action with the least amount of restriction to returning well fluid

Sizes also available for risers and completion liners


Wellbore clean-up