Coretrax Inner Core - OnePatch

Our OnePatch is a rig ready solution to isolate various casing integrity issues. Its compact design and simple operation enable repairs to be made efficiently, significantly reducing operational expenditure.

The tool can seal perforations or repair leaking casing while providing a large
production conduit to bring the well back online. The device can be snubbed on a
live well so there is no requirement to cease production before deployment.
With its robust construction, it is designed to last the life of the well.


  • > Bottom-up hydraulic expansion system
  • > Premium elastomer seal at the top and bottom
  • > Shoe design enables simple drill out post expansion


  • > No personnel required for deployment
  • > Straddle intervals up to 25ft
  • > Makes directly up to the workstring
  • > NACE H2S compliant
  • > Air freight compatible design available
  • > Deployable on jointed, stick pipe or coiled tubing
  • > Quickly/immediatly deployable (i.e. these can be on the rig ready for
    urgent deployment)


  • Isolation of tubular leaks
  • Isolation of failed completion components
  • Perforation shut off - Isolation of unwanted water & gas
  • Isolation sand screen to negate sand ingress
  • Perforation shut off – isolation post cement squeeze
  • Corrosion isolation


  • Hi Pro Casing Scraper & Hi Pro Casing Brush
  • ADS (Activated Drilling Scraper)
  • CX-DB (Drillable Brush)


  • 1. All values are based on MTX-60 material grade. Other material grades are available on request.
  • 2. All values calculated at ambient temperature unless otherwise noted.
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