The CX-MaxVax™

The CX-MaxVax™

The CX-MaxVax™-1

The CX-MaxVax™

Completion and intervention operations are generally performed in brine fluids which have very low solids-carrying capabilities. It is often impossible to generate adequate fluid velocities required to lift debris and conventionally circulate it to surface.

The CX-MaxVax™ eliminates these issues with a multi-nozzle fluid-diverting module that creates a powerful reverse circulation flow. This maximises lifting velocities without high surface pump rates, effectively capturing debris in-situ and recovering it to surface.

Standard service configuration is to run a core type junk catcher with ‘finger’ baskets below the main tool. This ensures even larger pieces of junk are also recovered. Each debris chamber has been designed to be removed from the rig floor and emptied in the most appropriate area, eliminating the chance of recovered debris re-entering the wellbore. 


Modular design allows for optimum debris recovery

Robust design with high torque and tensile ratings

Tubing at rig site can be used as the debris chamber

Debris screening module filters fluid to capture larger debris



Other sizes available on request.

* Debris chamber capacity can be increased by adding additional debris chambers or tubing as debris chambers.

# 2⅞″ PH6 Tubing used as debris chamber, capacity quoted per 100 ft.

~ Maximum Compression Load figures include a 50% F.O.S.