Coretrax Outer Core - ReLine DL

When drilling and low pressure, theif, or trouble zones are encountered, the Reline DL system enables the operator to isolate the interval with an expandable liner.

This provides a significant ID advantage when compared to a conventional liner string, enabling passage of optimised bit, casing & completion designs, and ultimately maximizing production.

The ReLine DL system is a bottom-up expansion design which uses hydraulic pressure to drive the expansion cone from the bottom of the liner to the top.

The system allows for cementing operations prior to expansion and facilitates a fully testable, anchored liner tie back into the previous shoe, ensuring life of well integrity with the added value of optimised wellbore diameter.

Primary elastomeric seal elements can be incorporated to the DL system in conjunction with swellable elastomers to provide instantaneous high-pressure liner to rock isolation at the launcher, and zonal isolation of the open hole where required


  • > Extensive size range
  • > Hydraulic bottom-up expansion
  • > Optimised RIH OD & post expansion ID
  • > Proprietary e2m expandable connection
  • > Debris tolerant running tool design
  • > High anchoring loads both in cased hole & open hole
  • > Multiple premium elastomers provide added assurance of life of well integrity in cased hole


  • > Low ECD during RIH & circulation due to optimised pre-expansion OD
  • > Cement through & wash down capable prior to expansion
  • > Rotatable to assist with liner placement and cementing operations
  • > Deployable through milled windows for side-tracks & multi-laterals
  • > Hydraulically driven expansion process reduces the overpull requirements of the rig


  • > Expandable liner
  • > Shoe extension liner
  • > Loss zone isolation
  • > Gas cap / water isolation
  • > Infill wells
  • > Side-tracks
  • > Standalone Open Hole Patch


  • ADS (Activated Drilling Scraper) – facilitates ability to clean cased hole setting area of ReLine DL post drilling of shoe extension


  • 1. All values are based on MTX-60 material grade. Other material grades are available on request.
  • 2. All values calculated at ambient temperature unless otherwise noted.
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